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Associate Marketing Techniques That Work

The idea of owning your own business and being fruitful is a fantasy that numerous individuals have everywhere throughout the world. The Internet has made it feasible for individuals to correspond with one another more than ever. The possibility of having the capacity to take advantage of an overall business sector for your business is presently a probability that once was unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination. Offshoot promoting has turned into the influx without bounds, particularly concerning having the capacity to begin your own business without the majority of the beginning expense and venture that a customary business requires. In this article, we will examine partner promoting strategies that work, and demonstrat to you precisely how you ought to start actualizing them so you can be effective with your new business attempt.

A reason that member showcasing is so well known is on the grounds that it is so easy to do. In spite of the fact that promoting and conveying individuals to your offers may require a tiny bit more exertion and know how, making a partner site that will introduce the items that you need to offer is very easy to do. Whether you have learning of site building, website building, or on the off chance that you essentially know how to compose articles and submit them, you will have the capacity to procure an aloof low maintenance or full time pay as an aftereffect of your endeavors, however just the length of you step along the way.

The reason that a great many people come up short with their introductory endeavor at partner showcasing is that they are not mindful of the strides that they have to take keeping in mind the end goal to make their associate site productive. You need to do significantly more than basically add connections to your webpage and trust that individuals go to your site with the goal to purchase all that you bring to the table. There is a touch of promoting learning that you need to know, and you additionally need to display the offshoot joins in a manner that makes individuals need to buy your item.

One of the most straightforward approaches to persuade individuals is to compose a survey of the items that you have on your site. It is a smart thought to have really attempted the items and tried them yourself. In any case, in the event that you have not done as such, the individual that offers the offshoot system will more than likely have articles and recordings for you to use for your associate site that speak to the item in a positive and welcoming way. That is the reason it is constantly great to work with organizations and partner arranges that give this kind of promoting data which can offer you some assistance with making deals every single day the length of you utilize these systems.

For whatever length of time that you can set up a web journal, utilize the accessible data that your subsidiary system gives, and compose a special article speaking to the item that you bring to the table, you will have the capacity to be fruitful with your associate advertising endeavors without an excess of inconvenience by any means.

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How will education be affected by the General Election?

The general election is fast approaching and everyone is wondering how it’s all going to play out. Will we have another five years under the Conservatives or will Labour claim victory? Will UKIP outlier Nigel Farage end up storming the polls or will we see a surprise rise in support for the Green Party? It’s a time of political uncertainty and predicting the outcome of the May 2015 election is proving to be a challenge for media pundits and the public alike.

The government and its policies affects the way we live our lives in a huge way, especially when it comes to key services such as public transport, benefits and education. Britain’s education system has undergone some major overhauls over the last five years and been subject to a lot of scrutiny, and it looks like this will continue is the Conservatives end up in Parliament for another term.

A recent news story in the Guardian detailed that if the Conservatives win the election then English schools are likely to face a budget cut of 10%, with schools having to pay 5% more to cover the rising costs of teachers’ pensions and national insurance contributions.

“I accept that that is a difficult decision for some schools because the amount of cash per child is not going up by inflation, the amount of cash is staying the same, ” Cameron said in an interview. So while Cameron is correct that the cost per child is remaining the same, schools will be losing money in real-terms.

Naturally this announcement has raised concerns within the education community, with a lot of schools expressing budget concerns to the government long before this proposed idea. Cameron’s plan is completely against his original claim that school budgets would be protected during his time as Prime Minister. If he is voted in again, schools will only continue to lose money, preventing them from providing the best standards of education possible and preventing educational environments from being properly maintained through education sector facilities management. Think of it; how can a school deliver the best standards when they don’t even have access to modern equipment? The impact of his decision could be huge, particularly in the north east educational sector where schools have already been hit harder than institutions in other parts of the country.

It’s hard to see how one could conceive that giving schools less money will result in better schools overall. Education is not an area to be skimped on, and cutting corners to save money only results in a lowering of the quality of a child’s education and puts serious limits on valuable resources, from making sure that pupils have up to date textbooks to working with educational sector construction companies for necessary site improvements. All of these aspects are important and every student should have access to the best educational experience possible. Cameron’s claims about school budgets have left a lot of people confused and unsure of what he’s actually promising, but it’s clear that his version of reality is not reflective of the Britain he is supposed to be improving.

Labour has not yet revealed its plans for the educational sector, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t involve significant, harmful cuts.

1.3 Billion, Global Education City

All over the world thousands of students are trying to find the best place to study English whether at home or abroad. Many countries are starting to make English the official language and jobs are becoming harder and harder to find unless the applicant is bilingual, English and another language.

Many countries have families who are sending their children to study abroad so that they can become fluent in English however, these programs are very expensive and many families are unable to afford this choice so one country has found a way to solve this problem.

South Korea decided to pour $1.3 billion into an ambitious project on a secluded island where all schools from elementary to universities will be taught almost entirely in English.

Top-notch schools are joining in from the outside including one of the first being from North London in Great Britain. Korean language and history will be the only other subjects taught that will not be in the English language.

Although, English is already taught from the third grade up, many believe that this is still not good enough. They are expecting an overwhelming 9000 students to participate in this new school system on the island.

Officially, the statistics say that as of 2007, already over 27,000 students from South Korea study abroad and this is due to the fact that the country claims that even the English institutes are not up to par. In fact, a government survey just last year showed that nearly half of all South Korean parents wanted their kids to be sent abroad to study.

Ironically, this has caused many family problems including divorces and even suicides among the fathers. So, they are expecting this to be the solution to solving problems such as these as well as extending to helping families as far as China and Japan because it is already a tourist city for these nations.

They are projecting the tuition to be approximately between $3,100 to $4,700 which is about half of the amount they would spend to send overseas. They feel confident that it will be full as there are potentially 750 million within a two-hour flight time radius of the Global Education City.

Many are worried as they already have 21 English villages in the country and many more continue to emerge such as one which will school over 5000 children in the south.

Both the commercial and residential side will be English as well creating a total immersion experience on the island. The first stage will be ready and open to accept students in 2011 with a school in the three areas; elementary, middle and high school. They expect the entire complex to be completed by 2015.

This will be good news for families in South Korea.

Wynelle is a motivational speaker, mentor, trainer & empowerer of youth leadership helping them discover their purpose in life and for over 35 years has been a missionary to youth in Latin America & the Caribbean. She has appeared on networks of television shows including TBN and Enlace (Spanish Christian TV). She received an award for the “Most Outstanding Woman of the Year” in 1988 for her ministry to youth. Wynelle speaks, reads & writes fluent Spanish serving as a translator for the Juvenile Courts of Texas which enabled her to be more effective with the youth of today. Wynelle is now hosting her own television program for young people in both Spanish and English.

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Falling Standard Of Education In Nigeria: Who Is To Be Blame?


The concept ” falling standard of Education” is a relative term because there is no well defined instruments to measure it with utmost reliability and validity. That is why scholars’ views on the concept varies. These scholars view it at different perspectives, depending on the angle each of them is looking at it.

Babalola, A (2006) sees the concept from admission of Nigerian University products in developed countries universities. That the first six Nigerian Universities (University of Ibadan, Ile Ife, Lagos, Benin, Nsukka and Zaria) had their products competing favourably with any other University in the world as their products were sought for by University of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and London for admission into their post-graduate courses. That these students record breaking performances and when they graduate are employed by the best multi-national companies and corporate bodies globally unlike today where no Nigerian University is among the top 6,000 Universities of the world (Adeniyi, Bello (2008) in Why no worry about rankings). He sees standard from how universities contribute to knowledge and solving problems besetting mankind.

According to Gateway to the Nation (2010), University of Ibadan is ranked 6,340th University in the world. In Africa, University of Ibadan is ranked 57th, OAU 69th and South African Universities are leading the way in Africa.
He also use written and spoken English as a yardstick for measuring standard of education which University of London conducted a research in West Africa and the result showed that teachers trained by colonial masters were better of than those trained by indigenous teachers.

He also used staffing, funding, foundation, origin and students as standard of education.

Standard of education to Dike, V. (2003) is how education contribute to the public health (or sociopolitical and economic development of a Nation).

Standard of education to either passing or failing of external examinations like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB,(NOW UTME) among others.

Teachers without Boarders (2006) looks at educational standard from how the products of schools can be measured in terms of outcome. That is how school leavers contribute to the society in terms of cognitive affective and psychomotor. I will be using students to refer to both students and pupils, I will use head teacher to refer to both principal and headmaster.

Which ever way you may view standard of education, for you to conclude whether the standard is falling or not, you must take into consideration all the aforementioned variables including achieving educational goals.

Equally, for justice to be done while measuring these standards one has to look at reliability where all the schools to be measured must have the same infrastructure, teaching materials, quality of teachers, level and degree of learners, condition within which learning takes place, some methods of assessment and some types of contribution to the society among others.


Haven discussed what makes up standard in education, may I crave your indulgence to some of the established facts that constitute falling standard of education in Nigeria.

(1) Discipline: This is one of the outstanding attributes of education when it is rightly observed.

a. Repeating: school no longer observe repeating as every student is promoted to the next class whether they understand or not gives room for falling standard.
b. Attendance: The 75% of attendance universally accepted as the bases for someone to sit for examination is no longer observed.
c. Late coming: Student that come late are no longer punished, which leads to their losing morning classes.
d. Misbehaviour: Students are no longer punished for misbehavior because of their parental influences (lost of jobs or unnecessary transfer).
e. Cultism: This could refer to rituals, usually under oath binding the members to a common course. They operate covertly in fulfillment of their objectives to the detriment of other people. Thus, planning secondary needs above primary needs.

These cults exist because of over population of students in schools, wrong admissions not based on merits, hence fear of examination failures and selfish worldly gains.

(2) Quest for paper qualification: Nigerians respect paper qualification above performance in the fields. Hence, cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains are supposed to be measured on the field.

(3) Politicizing education: Merit is no longer regarded as it is now ” who you know” and not “what you can deliver” Technocrats (educationists are not appointed Commissioner of education and education board).

(4) Policy problem: Sometimes the type of policies government make on education adversely affects output. For instance, in College of Education, we have National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), competing with JAMB for admission as the two guidelines vary.

Equally, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB ( now UTME) compete with qualifying pre-requisites and regulation of entries into tertiary institutions.

(5) Teachers not being part of the examination bodies. One wonders whether the continuous Assessment submitted by these teachers are used or not.

(6) Accessibility of Schools: The Nigerian population boom has outnumbered the existing schools as the existing schools have to over admit.

This point can be practically seen in the following areas:

(i) Teacher / Student ratio of 1:25 is no longer there as in my class, it is 1:3900.
(ii) Students / books / Journals ratio of 1:10 is no longer feasible.
(iii) Politics of admission: Schools can no longer set targets for admission to conform with their facilities as powerful notes from above will force the school authorities to either over admit or find themselves in the labour market again. Yet it is those that are giving these notes are suppose to build more schools or provide needed infrastructure etc. to accommodate those collecting these notes.

(7) Over-dependent on cognitive domain: Schools do not give regards to affective domain that will mould characters of our young ones. Little attention is given to psychomotor while no attention is given to affective domain.

(8) Shortage of qualified teachers: Some schools in the rural areas only have the headmaster as government employee while the rest that may be secondary school drop outs are PTA staff. What miracle can these staff perform? Dike, V. (2006) observed that only 23% out of the then 400,000 primary schools in Nigeria have grade II even when NCE is now the minimum qualification for teachers at primary and Junior Secondary schools.

(9) Teachers welfare: It is no longer news that

(a) Politicians do not have negotiation council to negotiate their salary increase.
(b) There is no disparity among political office holders from the federal, state and local governments.
(c) Their salaries are increased at astronomical manner.
(d) Their salaries are increased any time without recourse to whether the nation’s economy can bear it or not.
(e) But for teachers, they must negotiate the 10 to 20% of an attempt to increase their salary with consideration of the economy of the nation. How can these teachers contribute and perform miracle when their family members are in the hospitals and the O.S. syndrome is written on their cards by pharmacists while they do not have money to treat.

(10) Constant Strikes: This is an impediment to smooth covering of syllabus. Oefule (2009) explained that one Nigerian guest asked a question on strike at Oxford University community but the vice chancellor could not even remember about strike, only the registrar remembered it for 17 years back. This is what governance means to the people.

(11) Long rule of the military; Education was not properly funded by the military regimes as according to Babalola, A(2006) Obasanjos administration inherited many left over problems of the military such as non- payment of pensions and gratuities of retired University staff, poor remuneration of university staff, dilapidating buildings of schools, libraries with outdated books, obsolete laboratory equipments, bad campus roads, inadequate water and power supply among others.

(12) In the secondary and primary schools levels, schools do not even have buildings talk less` of furniture’s, equipments and reading materials. This is the level where the foundation of education should be laid. Any faulty foundation will lead to faulty structures. What do you expect from the tertiary level?

(13) Lack of training of teachers: Teachers are not trained to update their knowledge with latest discoveries based on research, then how can they give what they don’t have?

(14) Poor state of Educational teaching facilities: Dike V. (2006) reported that research result shows that over 2015 primary schools in Nigeria do not have building but study under trees, talk less of teaching materials.

(15) Corruption: leaders of the schools and some Government officials either connive to buy equipments with loan money that cannot be of any use to the school or take such loans and do not even do anything with it.

(16) Poor budgetary allocation to education: A research work of 2001 shows that Nigeria only, allocate less than 20% to education it further reveals that Nigeria spends 0.76% to education as against Uganda 2.6%, Tanzania3.4%, Mozambique 4.1%, Angola 4.9%, Coted Ivore 5% Kenya 6.5% and South Africa 7.9% among others.


We have seen the causes of falling standards and from these causes we can deduce that the following are to be blamed:

1. Government suppose to carry the lion share of the blame because all the other variables are dependent variables to it.

2. Teachers also have their shares of the blame with regards to their diligent duties.

3. Parents: feeding has to be provided by parents. This is because parents do not leave schools to operate without interference.

4. Students: students who do not abide by school rules and regulations nor pay attention to their studies also contribute to falling standards. Students also seek for paper qualification and disregards to performance they also participate in cult activities that derail the progress of the academy.

5. The society is not left out as it is the way it sees and respects the products of these schools that recycles back again.


Based on the problems or causes identified above, the following solutions are proffered: Schools should respect and restore back discipline to bring back the lost glory of our educational standards.

Performance should be regarded and respected more than just paper qualification. Equally, education should not be politicized for whatever reason.

Policy makers should be mindful of policies that affect education .eg JAMB(UTME) regulation in admissions.

Teachers should be involved in examination activities and examination bodies should always publish examination reports and distribute it to various schools for them to hold school workshop for training of subject teachers on their areas of weaknesses observed in the students’ scripts with regards to following the marking scheme.

More schools should be built to increase accessibility by all. Cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain should be used for assessment of students.

Teachers’ welfare should be given priority by government to avoid unnecessary strikes in our educational sector while more qualified teachers should be employed to curb the present shortage of teachers in our schools.

Our civilian government should prove to the people that they are better than military government.

Teachers should be trained so that they can meet up with any new challenges Educational facilities should be upgraded to modern standards while teaching facilities should be adequately provided.

Corruption should be eliminated to the barest minimum by all stakeholders while government should increase its budgetary allocations to education to improve the standard of education in Nigeria.

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Your Stress-Management Education Course in an Article

Article updated August 2015.

So, what is education? Education, to all of us, is different as night and day is.

For the most part, we all believe in “formal education”; this kind of education, getting diplomas and graduating from high school and graduating from college are some of the best ways to really get to know the world.

A good college education is great, and needed. Yes, I believe that, in today’s world, college is necessary.

And along with that classroom education, you will need your LIFE 101 education, those lessons you learn by just being there, in life, experiencing life.

You will, without a doubt learn your most valuable lessons, not in a classroom, but in life, outdoors with people, while you are surrounded with the real world. That is and should be some of your most prized possessions when it comes to having a real education.

So, what is your extra education? What is necessary beyond those four walls and many buildings of high schools and colleges? The rest of your education consists of going to Broadway plays, of meeting new people in your own cities and in the rest of the USA or the world as you travel throughout your life. Some of your extra education will be in observing people and seeing how they live and knowing that the way you live is only one way and that there are millions of other ways to live a life and most of them are successful. The rest of your education consists of listening to great music, seeing great art, talking with great individuals. The rest of your education consists of reading not books but entire libraries of books, one book at a time, one day at a time.

And I think one of the most vital parts of your education is knowing that the news of the day will only serve to depress you. So to force your education to go in a most positive direction and to add joy and clarity to your life, to be your most successful person listen to the news (if you need to do that) only in the midday part of your day, not in the morning and not in the evening. Why? The reason to refrain from news-bites early in the morning is because you do not want to bring all the bad news with you as you begin your day, and the reason to refrain from the news in the evening is because you do not want ot bring the bad news to sleep with you at the end of the day. Cover your world with good, positive blessings and thoughts as you begin your day and fill your pre-sleep hours with great positive, soothing thoughts and you will be your best you.

Go for it. Go back to school if you can. You will be glad that you did. You want to be really happy, never stop learning. Seriously, never ever stop learning.

Article updated August 2015.

Linda Perry is a writer who speaks from her heart. So many times, the topics that she writes about might be controversial but the one thing that she guarantees is that when she states a fact, it is a fact. Have confidence in knowing that as you browse her articles, you will be delighted, informed, and sometimes even shocked and stunned,but at the least you will pause for reflection and then possibly take some action.

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Dissertation Assistance UK Service to Save Students’ Valuable Time

Many UK-based students apart from academics are engaged in numerous other activities that leave them fatigued at the end of the day. This is the reason that even the brightest students struggle to come up with a great dissertation. It’s not a matter of surprise that many such students prefer to avail dissertation assistance in UK to save their precious time and prevent their grades from falling.

Quality dissertation assistance

Certain features of a dissertation assistance UK writer matter for students like you before availing their services. UK students can go through the following characteristics and make their decision wisely:

1.They help in planning the dissertation:

It takes immense time to plan the dissertation while keeping in mind the deadline. Professional writers can sustain this pressure better than you and even if they start work late on the dissertation help material, they can finish it off few days before the submission deadline.

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Outcome: Ultimately, the UK students just need to receive the dissertation help material and then refer to it for preparing the final draft.

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It takes equally lengthy time for UK students to research on a particular topic for dissertation preparation. Professional writers can do the research on a topic as suggested by the UK students to prepare the dissertation help material in quick time.

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It takes enough brainstorming for UK students to opt for an attention-grabbing dissertation topic. Professional writers can save this time by preparing help material on the best topic that can be concluded well.

Outcome: The writers can suggest topics to the students that aren’t too narrow or broad.

Such qualities have made terms like ‘UK dissertation writing’ immensely popular on major search engines like Google. This trend shows that dissertation assistance is picking up momentum in this fast-paced UK academic scenario.

Dissertation samples are crucial

A sample MBA dissertation for uk is immensely important for students to finish their MBA degree program. The UK students who want to complete their course on time with impressive grades know such a proposal’s value. Many such students prefer to save their time by availing cheap dissertation help in UK but from a reliable brand that satisfies certain MBA dissertation sample parameters:

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ull;The sample dissertation boosts the thought process:

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Sometimes, seniors feel hesitant to provide any MBA dissertation sample help. UK students can then opt for sample MBA dissertation help from companies that can provide samples as per the format assigned by the students’ university at cheap prices.

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